Ohio Public Works Commission Loan Reports

The Ohio Public Works Commission offers two forms of zero percent interest loans to applicants through the State Capital Improvement Program and Revolving Loan Program. You can find out more about Loan Funding and how to apply here.

The Amortization Schedule provides applicants with their overall schedule for the duration of the loan, while the Paydown Report shows the "real life" look at the loan and exact dates and amounts of applied payments. You may contact us here if you have any questions or need assistance understanding these reports.

**Please use our new OPWC Public Portal (link at top of website or below) to download loan reports. Once you arrive on that page follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Loans, and then search for your loan or community name in the search bar.
  2. Click on the loan and on the mid-right side of page you can find the amortization schedule and paydown report for download. 
  3. A few items to note: the Amortization Schedule online is the "perfect: view of what should have happened on the loan if every payment was made on the exact due date and with the exact dollar amount. The Principal Paydown Report shows what actually happened on the loan such as actual payment dates and additional payments, like the payments for the July 2020 Loan Deferral due to COVID, will be reflected on the Principal Paydown report.  
  4. Contact OPWC.Loans@pwc.ohio.gov with any questions you may have.

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