OPWC Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Linda S. Bailiff Director 614 644-1823 linda.bailiff@pwc.ohio.gov
Matthew Markey Chief Financial Officer 614 644-1947 matthew.markey@pwc.ohio.gov
Mark Suttner Systems Analyst 614 644-1891 mark.suttner@pwc.ohio.gov
Abbey DeHart Assistant CFO/Loan Officer 614 728-2466 abbey.dehart@pwc.ohio.gov
Donna Kirkbride Program Representative 614 644-1942 donna.kirkbride@pwc.ohio.gov
Jennifer Kline Program Representative 614 752-8118 jennifer.kline@pwc.ohio.gov
William Gaberle Program Representative 614 752-8117 william.gaberle@pwc.ohio.gov
Martha Dinneen Business Manager 614 752-6829 martha.dinneen@pwc.ohio.gov
Kirsten Howard Account Clerk/Assistant Loan Officer 614 728-0905 kirsten.howard@pwc.ohio.gov


*Find your District Program Representative from the District homepage. Click on the map with your County and it will take you to the contact information for that District.