Ohio Suppliers / Change in Request to Proceed Status

OPWC no longer uses a Vendor Approval Form for our Infrastructure Programs (formerly known as Request to Proceed). Clean Ohio projects  still require a Request to Proceed due to necessary attachments involved. To not delay payments, our customers are responsible for ensuring that chosen suppliers (vendors) are in the state payment system before submitting a Disbursement request. The list is now located on our OPWC Public Portal (link at top of website). Note that a new vendor may be in OAKS but our list is updated monthly. We will  manually add a vendor if notified (see below). If your supplier is not listed, please direct them to the OhioPays system to create an account. While there, suppliers can also apply for EFT which can reduce processing time by two or three days in that payments are completed electronically to the supplier’s bank account; however, first-time vendors are always paid by check for the first payment. The Portal is also used to make changes including addresses, name changes, and bank account information for those who currently have EFT.

**Once a new vendor is set up as an approved vendor, please email us the OAKS confirmation email so we can get you into our system.This ensures that the new vendor is listed on the approved vendor list below.**

Need more information? Download the OBM Supplier Portal Navigational Guide. Ohio Shared Services is also happy to help by email (ohiosharedservices@ohio.gov) or phone (877-644-6771).

If you need to contact OPWC about your supplier, we have an email address just for you (VendorApprovals@pwc.ohio.gov).

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